15 August 2011

My Go at a Kuksa...

I finally tried it.

I'm satisfied for a first effort, I've got to get some practice in with a hook knife. Just couldn't seem to get it to cut the way I wanted it to.

I did use a coal at one point to help hollow out the bowl, then switched back to the hook knife. Soaked in boiled linseed oil for several days. Will probably let it set for a week and do a few repeated BLO baths.

Used a 10" Wetterlings to get started.

Then using a Kephart and a Hook Knife to get it to this point.

Then just working on it ever so often to round it out and deepen the bowl. I did not take pics of burning the bowl out as not much was burned.

The end product isn't as big as I would have liked, next go round I'll use what I learned with my first one. Overall for my first try I'm not dissatisfied but not completely satisfied either.


  1. Hey I think it looks great. Functional, recognizable, uniform, and the right approximate shape. That curved carving tool you're using - what is that called?

  2. Reading helps, that's the hook knife you mentioned?

  3. Yep, that is the hook knife, don't know what the model number is. It's made by Mora.

  4. You say it isn't the greatest. I say, I can't even imagine making that with my own hands. Nice job!

  5. If your not happy with it you could use it as an old fashion hammer.