21 August 2011

Another Day on the Water

Took her out again today, with the kids to Wolf Lake.

Didn't get many pictures but we had a blast.

The boys running on their own in the old beast was some comical stuff.

Bald Eagle kept us company and a Crappie made its way into the boat.

My paddling partner was my youngest daughter, guess it's obvious she's Daddy's girl.


  1. Great pictures, and it looks like everyone was having a great time. That new canoe is absolutely beautiful! Even my wife who was looking over my shoulder said so, and she has little appreciation for those things most of the time.
    I'm guessing we'll see a lot of 'on the water' posts between now and winter?

  2. Thanks and yes, a lot of water time. Leave for the Boundary Waters in two weeks, 9 days of paddle and portage, living off rod, reel and campfire.