23 January 2011

Homemade leather sheath for BK&T BK-9

I decided to try to make a leather sheath for my BK9. I learned pretty quick that I am no leather worker but the end product suits me fairly well.

I used some saddle leather in layers, double stacks of it on the edges and a collar for where the handle sits when the blade is sheathed for a bit of retention. Again, I am not a leather worker, but my end results are satisfactory for my needs. Stitches in thick leather stacks is a pain in the fingers!

After it was fully assembled I got the bottom quarter wet, placed a BCUSA patch there and then the whole thing into a flat wood vice to press the patch into the leather. It came out okay, I was shooting for the whole thing and what I got was a vintage looking worn away embossing.

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