29 January 2011

Another Winter Overnight

Same basic camp type as last time. Made a few changes to the shelter type though, adding another larger tarp over the reflective poncho. Different fire as well and used pine boughs under the Thermarest.

Snow was much deeper, hitting three and a half feet with drifts to five plus.

Our snow is very dry, doesn't pack much, just sink in it. Event with decent snowshoes I'm not getting much flotation, the pulk is sinking as well, about eight inches or so from the surface.

Future camp site.

Digging out of the camp site.

Once I got the site dug out I got the main larger tarp up and the smaller reflective poncho set up. Pine boughs down and basic camp set and then started on the fire.

Putting dinner on...

Making wood fell to the Wetterlings, the BK9 and predominantly the Trainblazer 24" Buck Saw.

 Got the temps inside the shelter to about 55 degrees, air temp outside the shelter was 12 degrees.


  1. Look like you had a great time,nice thought out set up there.

  2. This is my new favorite blog. Keep up the good work!!! Makes me miss living in NE MN...

  3. Thank you Norseman, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else now.