16 January 2011

BushClass USA Course: Feather Sticks & Shavings

www.bushcrafusa.com is graciously hosting and running a Bushcraft class on line called BushClass USA. IA Woodsman is leading the first projects. The courses are free to all registered members at Bushcraft USA and well worth the time.

IA Woodsman can be found here and his web page can be found here Midwest School of Bushcraft.

This was my submission for the first course, feather sticks & shavings. Mine certainly are not the prettiest I've seen or made but they worked to get a small warming fire going. Air temperature was 5 degrees Fahrenheit, light winds dropped it to about -8F.

Music by Ray Wylie Hubbard as usual, "The Knives of Spain".

1 comment:

  1. Nice video! I really like your opening shot with the Bushclass logo. What kind of wood did you use for your kindling? You got some really nice shavings and it caught fire much more readily than my attempts with natural kindling to date.

    Take care,