27 July 2014

All This Talk About Bushcraft- M3 Shelter Build

Since I've been talking too much about it, I got out and did some which is more important than discussing the word itself.

This is actually the follow up to the  Sargent M3 Pass Around Knife post from a few weeks ago.

Brian Sargent makes some very nice knives, no nonsense and long on capability and ease of use. The knife is very comfortable to use, even hard use over prolong periods of time. There was nothing I couldn't do with this knife, it performed all tasks exceedingly well and surprised me in some ways. There was simply nothing I asked of it that it couldn't do and do it well!

All cutting for the shelter was done exclusively with the knife, sometimes using a baton for the big stuff. Time consuming but enjoyable process and as I was finishing it up today we had a rain storm set in, Ace and I remained comfortably dry inside the shelter.

Video available in 720, some stills of the shelter and then my thoughts on the knife.
Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Good looking shelter. I will have to check out the knife. Thanks for taking me along on the outing. Still amazing pictures!!

  2. Great pics, great outing. That's what this blog brings; leaving the rest of the stuff, fluff, and distractions elsewhere.

  3. Looks good in every way.
    Love the image with the shelter, fire and Ace. Clean, pristine, no gear or stuff strewn around. Just the essentials without disturbing.

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