29 June 2014

Refinishing a Memory Maker

Three years old this summer, and already tons of memories. She's touched water on twenty three lakes in the Boundary Waters and countless local to me waters. She's carried me in wind and rain, beating sun and spitting snow in late October. I've hunted and fished, vacationed and wild riced in her. She's hit rock and gravel, mud and root, parted deep water and shallow alike. Her hull was scarred from the use and I'd decided last fall that it was time.

Most of the sanding was done over the winter, all by hand and man what a tedious process! Many a midnight hour when sleep was not coming I'd slip down to the garage and grab the sanding block. I worked on her and each scar a memory relived.This was a pleasant time.

Yesterday was the first coat, when it dries I'll hit it again with triple-aught steel wool and then another coat on tomorrow. Again with the steel wool and the final coat on Wednesday.

With any luck I'll get her back on the water for the July 4th weekend, a trek up the St. Louis river to Seven Beaver, two nights three days of fishing and scouting and camping.

I won't be refinishing the interior this go round, it is in fine shape, just needs a cleaning.

She's coming along nicely and will be more beautiful than new, her lines now etched with memories made upon the waters of the North Woods.


  1. A beauty indeed!
    I like the affection with which you speak of "her"....
    Some things get lifted over the status of "object" by the memories in which they are involved and get a life and personality of their own.

  2. New here. Love your writing.

  3. Beautiful work! You are a true craftsman.