03 December 2015

A Piece of History, Pack Idaho / BisonGear

Before there was BisonGear Packs the name of the company was Pack Idaho. As best as I can tell the company has had 2 or 3 owners over the years and at least the one name change. I've been interested in them since I saw the first one in an a Traditional Bowhunter ad back in the 90s, I can't recall the edition but I do recall the image.

I've been using a Lemhi and a Lost River for several years now, mostly as day hunting or bumming or stump shooting packs. I've thoroughly enjoyed them both and think highly of their products in general.

I recently acquired a piece of their history, a very early 'Pack Idaho' First Trip Explorer without the panniers and in I believe Pendleton wool. The original Pack Idaho patch intact! This is a smaller pack compared to the Lost River but also lighter in weight. Offers the same freedom that all lumbar packs offer, no restriction at all when shooting a bow. It holds a days worth of stuff and rides super comfortably.

These packs have numerous attachment points and they are some of the more interesting types that I have seen. You can run webbing through the anywhichway attachment blocks, you can also slip MOLLE type attachment straps through them.

There is enough space in the lower for a puffy, hat and gloves, my HC Canteen and some other assorted sundries

I don't know how old this pack is, I'm guessing it's pushing 20 plus years old. Testament to the quality they have always had. I've read numerous accounts of owners of original Pack Idaho packs sending their packs to BisonGear and them repairing or replacing regardless of age. If you find one buy it, I guarantee you'll like it. If you don't then send me a message, chances are I'll buy it from you!


  1. Pack Idaho !
    I have an old beat up moth ridden pack that has to be 25 yr old. Even the buckles are chalky and brittle. (not stored properly at all). I also have a first trip explorer Bison that I love. Great packs and Angelo @ Bison is a great guy.
    FYI I'm scouring your Brooks Range gear list like a stalker ! I cant afford a Kifaru but I'm in high gear on sewing up a mock Mega. Your liking it so much sells me on it, I dont have the dirt time you do so your blog is extremly helpfull with gear and such. Lov'n that pack !

    1. Thanks for the kind words John, much appreciated!

  2. AGrouch - I have a Bison pack just like yours and I also have two side pockets for it..... it's for sale if you want it..... email me at: dkorn@rochester.rr.com

    Great blog.... by the way..... excellent writing, Doug.

    1. Thanks Doug, I'm behind due today travel aND the holidays. Email incoming. Thanks!