21 March 2015

Hunting Pine Sap & Making Pitch Sticks

Travel this year has been for more intense than anticipated, bouncing between Denver, Chicago, and Philly for weeks now. Got a break this weekend so I hit the trail with Ace. I wanted to hunt down some pine sap and make some pitch sticks, and I also wanted to get some work out of a new River Bottom Blades Guide.

I maybe don't make pitch sticks the right way, seems they work for me though. Mine don't come out black because I don't use charcoal, I use ground rabbit droppings for the filler and I also melt in some pure beeswax, thus mine come out brown. I think I use some charcoal next time just to see how if there is much difference in the end product.

Thanks for taking a look, hope ya found it worth your time!

1 comment:

  1. Looks sorta like poop on a stick; doesn't it? Guess that shouldn't be surprising, considering the one ingrediant! lol