22 March 2015

A Walk Upriver & Salmon On Birch...

I took a walk upriver today, wanted to stretch my legs again and see how the water or ice was as the case may be. The Temperance River is a geological beauty. The Temperance River flows from Brule Lake within the BWCA and runs all the way into Lake Superior. I've paddled Brule many times over the years and I've been fascinated with the power of its waters. Temperance is a gorge, water cut rock visual feast, so it was a joy to spend the day hiking up river.

When ever I'm in serious need of restoration a late winter hike up this river always delivers.

There are very few stills in the video, it's the hike up and the fire etc, so I put most of the stills below.

I pinned the salmon fillets to the piece of birch bark, added rocks to the back and some sticks to support it, then built a fire in front of it.

Thanks for taking a look!


  1. That is some awesome looking terrain there!

  2. Damn... I love salmon. That looked really Jim...It's hard to beat a day like that

  3. Great shots! This is one of my favorite places up North. Thank you for sharing.