26 September 2014

Randall 28 Woodsman / H60 Firesteel Pass-around GAW Challenge Final Conclusions

A little delayed, below is the video that include my final conclusions on the Randall 28 Woodsman and the H60 that are part of the passaround/give away.

Video includes some shots from the camp I built primarily with the knife, some more of the incredible mushroom explosion we've had due to so much rain.

I consider the 28 to be a fine knife though it doesn't meet all of my criteria to establish is as a full time bush knife. I tried to convey the reasoning in the video, including the way I score a knife. That being said I did like the knife, it just doesn't score high enough to make it a full time carry knife for general outdoors activities that I require to put a knife into that full time carry category.

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