20 May 2014

Stumpin' In Search of Spring & Modded Stump Arrows

Spent  day bummin' the backwoods, killin some time and some stumps and looking for Spring. Still a few pockets of snow but it's mostly gone now. Still can't seem to stay above fifty degrees and in the twenties at night. Tried to snow today, but the sun broke out for a while.

Video has more stills, lunch 'in the trees' and some stump killin. HD is best for viewing.

Some pretty simple mods to my stumpin arrows. I use very heavy arrows, full lenth GoldTip 75-95 with heavy FOC, 100gr inserts, 200gr heads and they hit like freight trains. As a result when stump shooting if I hit some super hard surfaces, unseen rocks, non-rotten or unyielding stumps the head will blow which looks a little something like this;

The force of impact drives the insert and head into the arrow shaft. I tried different glue and epoxy types but none of them helped prevent this.

I saw someone somewhere use a piece of aluminum arrow to basically 'foot' or reinforce the carbon shaft and decided to try the same thing. It works.

In my case I used some 2216s donated from my friend AK Craft on the BCUSA forums. Cut them to 1" sections and installed them on my arrows. For the Gold Tip Traditionals the outer diameter is a little greater and 2219s would be needed.

End result;

The modification did not alter my arrow flight and I'm quite pleased with the end result.

The video below isn't mine but shows how much the footing helps!


  1. very clever. i am just getting into bow shooting and hopefully hunting soon. like to start stump shooting after turkey season, ill keep this in mind if i start busting arrows as they are not cheap.

  2. Nice tips, cost of broken arrows surely does accumulate over time, this should work to try and keep it down - thanks!

  3. Well i have tried to post this message three times! silly technology, give me the woods any day!

    I have just read the entire blog from start to finish! Great pics and video mate! i am recently returning to bushcraft after a long hiatus from the outdoors! i have also taken up archery and begun teaching myself and learning the arts of self-sufficiency and ecological living. Your video gave me an awesome insight into stump shooting for practice. i plan to steak your "stump hunter" design and have a go when i go walking! i also want to have a go and crafting my own arrows in the future! i will continue to enjoy your stories, musings and wisdom and hopefully you don't mind me sending some questions your way!!

    I have also seen you on Bushcraft USA, where i have recently joined (altho i am in Australia) and enjoyed learning a lot from this amazing resource! Thanks again for sharing!!!

    1. Thanks for the kind words S&S, welcome to the forums too!