07 April 2014

Chaga Hunt and Rotten Snow

Got into the low 40s today! T-shirt weather even if we do still have a couple feet of snow on the ground.

I wanted to do some chaga hunting and grab some fresh air so with the snowshoes strapped on, sled in tow and Ace in front of me we set out for a area where I usually find some.

While this old monarch had a couple chaga growths they were small and nearly out of reach so I passed on them.

Deeper in the wood I found what I was after. Spot it in the distance? Since so few things are pitch black in the woods and chaga is only found on Birch trees it makes it a little easier.

It was a sizable chunk, and yielded nearly three pounds.

Once back to the sled I figured lunch was in order.

What ya call waitin' on the bacon!

Post lunch I had a smoke and Ace enjoyed the sun and the bacon euphoria.

The trudge back was uneventful. Snow is rotten, slushy mess.

I hung the chaga I'd collected to dry and broke out a batch that had been drying for close or slightly more than a year now.

Using the saw in the Huntsman I reduce the chunks to smaller and smaller pieces, sometimes carving out slices, then grinding in the mortar to a moderately fine powder.

In this case I slipped a waxed paper bag into a leather pouch, this package is going to a friend. 

I packed the the pouch full, using the pestle to compress the chaga.

With another pouch to fill I cut and ground some more.

Even after filling the bigger final pouch I still had quite a bit left for storage. Chaga is one of those things that I've found very useful and very enjoyable. As a woodsman's tea goes I've found nothing better.

Thanks for taking a look.


  1. Nice score. That looked like an enjoyable time out.

  2. Love the atmosphere in the pictures and thanks for the advice you gave on bcusa!

  3. Ace looks like he is in his element.

  4. You have a beautiful dog! Nothing like enjoying a bacon-induced coma in the sunlight.