23 July 2013

Manitou River, a short hike.

On Sunday, knowing I was going to be flying out Monday I took the family on a short hike up the Manitou River, nothing major, about three miles all in. It is a rugged hike though, much of it over rather rocky or rooted terrain and fairly steep in many places.

My youngest who is now two & a half years old walked for some of it but mostly he road on dad's shoulders. His thirty five pounds plus the twenty odd pounds of stuff I was packing gave this old man a little work out in the steep sections. Nonetheless it was a joy to be out in the wilds with the family and him perched on my shoulders while he counted my paces.

A picture journey...

Fat boulder that greets you as you start down the Middle Trail.

The 'I got this Dad' shot...

That blue you see in the distance at that low point is Lake Superior, about 10 miles or so away from this vantage point.

Still in 'I got this mode'!

Older trail shelter that's seen better days. 

Our portion is Middle Trail to the T then northward to the cascades.

Some of the lighter uphill stuff.

Rocky terrain before the steep downhill. This is where the 'I got this mode' went away in favor of Dad's shoulders.

Somewhat hard to see, but this is looking down into the valley and the river below, about a 110' drop from this vantage to the river below.

Looking out from the top into the valley below.

Video of some of the hiking and the falls.

Was a fun little outing, thanks for coming along!


  1. Thanks for sharing this quality time event of a loving family in a beautifull environment.
    From Toad Hall

    "May The Forest Be With You"

  2. My girls-- now all in their 20-30s-- still talk fondly about family outings such as this.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Beautiful pictures, handsome little man!

  4. Nice family hike. :)