23 July 2012

Home brew sheath for Otzi's Knife

A friend of mine is making me a sheath for the Otzi knife after I send it to him in early August. First it's going with me to the Boundary waters, where I intend for it to be my daily driver if you will.

I needed a neck sheath for the knife in order to be able to carry it on the trip. Below is what I worked up. I know Otzi was around long before celtic knots but I've got a thing for them and it just looked right on this sheath.

More to come after the trip!


  1. I like it. I like it a lot!
    It has that ancient look and feel to it, that I love. A bit similar to Skab's creations.
    Maybe darken the bark a little with some oil or grease to blend it in with the rest.
    Why make a new sheath if this one fits and works?

    1. It works pretty good and I managed to get a lot of wax into it so it's water proof for the most part. Skab does some great work, I've got a couple of his pieces now, I'm just not that talented and I know it.