13 September 2010

Bummin' About the Backwoods

Was a great day to be out, wind a little high out of the south but was an outstanding day. I decided to check out the old beaver pond a pretty good piece into the back country behind me. Believe there is still a young beaver in there though there was a lot of pretty old beaver sign. The pond has shrunk over the years. Still, it was good to see fresh sign.

After moving across the old beaver dam I headed north and deeper into the backwoods. Found some really nice fresh buck rubs, followed the line to a bedding area I didn't know was there. Will make for some nice midday stalking.

Archery season for deer opens on the 18th of September. Really got the fever now, leaves are turning, weather is changing, fall is rolling in with winter right behind. I love this time of year.

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