11 August 2016


I've gotten a couple folks who read the rambles reach out to me recently as a result I thought I should probably update the blog.

First, I appreciate the fact that there are folks who care. Sincerely.

Second, the move happened largely without incident however I think I might be the only sick fool to have ever driven a giant moving truck through Yellowstone on Memorial Day. That was interesting.

Family is acclimating well to the ranch. We've got a nice little heard of cattle, pigs, sheep, and chickens going on. We're enjoying the transition from Minnesota immensely!

Second son and I drew some archery tags and are trying to get ready for Mulies and Elk.

Between work and the ranch things are very busy but I'm finding time to get out, unfortunately the time to do the trip reports is currently limited.

So things are well if busy, hopefully that will slow a bit in the near future and I'll be back to posting some backwoods adventures!

Last weekend in Nebo Wilderness with my 5 year old son.


  1. Good to hear you're doing well there!

  2. Good luck and look forward to another beautiful photos:-)

  3. Was thinking of you and your travels today, found this post. Good to hear all is going well.