28 August 2015

North Slope Brooks Range Caribou Part II

I was the first one on the ground at Cache One Lake, Throc and Dustin were on their way in as I started lugging gear up the hill side from the lake. To our north around the lake the ground rose fairly quickly, became traditional tundra, to our south lay the Echooka River, west was barren tundra but east of us rose an incredible vista of mountains shrouded in fog. I'd arrived at about 1145 am and it wouldn't be dark until around 1115 pm, having flow we could not hunt until after 3am so there was ample time to get camp set and do a little exploring or fishing!

The map below is of the area, and then a generalized idea of where we were in Alaska.

Once Throc and Dustin were on the ground we set about camp. The mist and light rain were still with us but were fading, we were able to see more of the mountains that formed the back drop to camp.

Dustin with the bear fence, we joked about how he ended up with a fenced yard so far from anywhere.

Throc's camp.

Mine, complete with Team Otzi flag!

Some more general scenery.

A walk behind camp revealed blue berries were pretty much everywhere. They made an excellent addition to my morning oatmeal and I browsed upon them the duration of our time in the field. Tastiest blue berries I've ever had.

Some more around camp shots.

The sun had managed to break through and with some idle time on my hands I grabbed my Tenkara kit and headed for the lake.

The Grayling were hitting and were a lot of fun to land.

Eventually I had my fill of playing with the fish and set about eating one. I fried him up in some oil in my Fry Bake over a pocket rocket. Delicious!

By the time I was heading back to camp we had pretty clear skies.

Having eaten and with the day winding down we sat around Dustin's 'Yard' and bs'd till it was time to shut in for the night. We were off to a great start, even though none of us had met in person before we hit it off right away. The ingredients for an unforgettable trip were definitely in the pot!

From left to right, Dustin, myself, and Throc.

Thus ended our third night on the tundra.