08 January 2013

Left turn in Albuquerque

I remember watching Saturday morning cartoons when I was a boy. Buggs Bunny was one of them, that wascally wabbit. I don't remember which one of course and I think there were more than a few occasions where he'd pop his head up, look around and say something about making a left turn in Albuquerque, implying he'd gotten lost.

Well I kinda feel like that, sort of. I've been of limited time lately, and most of what I've posted here has been about the recent gun control discussions. Part of my problem is I have a short amount of patience for a lack of common sense and even less for disingenuous bullshit, especially when it comes to carpet bagging politicians with hidden agendas, who incidentally don't even have the spine to call it what it is. I suppose them being directly related to common garden slugs has something to do with that too.

When there is a clear avoidance of facts people should really pay close attention to what's happening. Take the Patriot Act for example, ever a more inappropriately named stripping of civil liberties in the history of this country? The name hides what it really is and if you don't know please take the time to educate yourself. My point is, every time a politician starts talking common good, commons sense, reasonable, rational, well just look the hell out because the bastard is about to drop a safe on you from the third story.

They breath they lie.

SO anyway, my left turn in Albuquerque, over the past several weeks I've been maddeningly focused on this madness mostly because I've got five kids of my own and even beyond my own personal feelings, in my minds eye and my nightmares I see this happening to my own children. I can't stand the thought of it. I live where I live because it has made my children's lives much safer. They are not exposed to the kind of thing that goes on back east, there's not near as much to be concerned about. However, Newtown is a similar sort of place, and for the most part very crime free yet it happened there. And thus the thrust of this piece.

God forbid it ever does, but should this horror come to any school again, I hope some teacher, some principle, someone in that school stands and delivers and kills the bastard before he can kill anyone else. I hope that person is there, and prepared.

This whole mess can be summed up rather succiently from my point of view, or anyone else who is capable of doing what must be done at the moment in which is must be done. If you are one of those people who lacks that then what I am saying is indeed Greek to you and you're probably somewhere that you will not be comfortable.

No matter how much people do NOT want to accept the fact that when it comes right down to it they must be their own first responder, they must be the ones who rise to the occasion, steps to the plate, stands and delivers, for everyone else is STILL a phone call away. 

NO GUNS ALLOWED signs do no stop bullets, nor criminals or madmen hell bent on doing harm. Making heroin and meth illegal sure keeps those drugs off the streets don't it?

Why are the highest murder by firearms rates in the USA correspondingly EXACTLY in gun free zones? Chicago? Really? Sooner or later people HAVE to take their head out of the sand and use logic.

If YOU were standing in Sandy Hook Elementary school when that atrocities of that day began,  if you were in that hallway when he turned the corner, would you want to be armed?

The answer, is yes or no.

Simple isn't it?

And as a friend of mine recently said....

And for those who'd like to have a non-intellectually treasonous discussion...

Let’s talk about how every single mass shooting in the past decade except for one happened in a “gun free” victim disarmament zone. The sole exception was the Safeway Parking lot shooting in Tucson where Laughner was actually stopped by a concealed carry holder who tackled the shooter for fear of hitting innocent bystanders.

Let’s have a conversation about how in Israel the terrorists blow up school busses full of schoolchildren because mass shootings are too damn difficult because the teachers shoot back. Let’s have a conversation about how the “gun free schools act” has done nothing but create shooting galleries of live targets for any and every whack-job out there.

Let’s talk about the fact that in every mass shooting that is answered by deadly force, the average body count is 9 times lower than when the shooter is unopposed until the cops get there. Oh, and let’s talk about how the police and the government you adore so much have absolutely no duty to protect you or anyone else.

Let’s finally admit to ourselves that no matter how good it sounds in theory, Gun Control simply does not work, and have a conversation about real solutions.

Real solutions like repealing the Gun Free Schools Act. Real solutions like arming the 10′s of thousands of teachers in this country who are military veterans. Real solutions like training children how to resist an armed attacker and bringing firearms marksmanship classes back into the schoolroom. Real solutions like insisting that business owners who post no firearms signs be held civilly accountable for doing so.

And while we are at it, let’s also have a conversation about how at the end of the day, there will always be evil, and evil has never been stopped by a sign, or a prohibition, or a law. Evil is only stopped by good men willing to use force to do so. 


  1. Let's hope we can have that conversation. But it doesn't look to good from where i'm sitting.

  2. Brother, the waters run deep, and it's hard to imagine a more complex example of group hallucination. The trouble is, due to heightening polarization and narcissism in our nation, "the discussion" is neither frank nor respectful.

    Confining one's views to those spoon-fed by Mama Media and Papa Politico is essentially the abdication of personal liberty and free thinking.

    Still, It is disingenuous to completely discount questions about HOW and WHY firearms are regulated. Only by asking serious questions can we reach serious accord. But reactionary legislation and especially "executive action" miss the point and worsen the disconnection. Beyond that, and rhetorical arguments about the Bill of Rights, it's hard to fathom how a government in financial crisis could be depended on to provide a safety net for "ordinary citizens".

    We know that hard targets are at less risk than soft targets. We know that disarmed populations face existential risks. We know that police response time and SOP place the primary responsibility for individual security on the prepared citizen, first and foremost.

    No weapon ban can possibly move the needle, except in criminalizing otherwise law abiding citizens, nor will it make for a safer or more orderly society. The only perceptible result is the obvious escalation of weapons hoarding and demand.

    Violence, and evil, are part of what define us as a species. As much as we wish it weren't so, atrocities will not only continue, but worsen, moving forward.

    My firearms are not for sale, nor for collection.

  3. I completely agree with your point of view. Between the last 15 years in the army and army guard in various states I felt like I was defending freedom. In the last decade questions have cropped up in my mind. Now I feel like don't even recognize the nation I felt I was sacrificing for. Where are the basic freedoms we had 20 or 30 years ago?

  4. It's refreshing to read an article backed by facts and not ignorance. Nothing makes me more mad than antis spreading the lies of politics. wanting to ban all guns. Not understanding that more gun laws will do nothing except take power from the law abiding citizens. Last time I checked no one law abiding went into a public place and shot someone. People that CCW dont walk into places and shoot innocent people, yet they are being penalized. The only sure way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. Period. Love reading your blog Croatoan, keep it up.

  5. You definitely don't need to get academic help in expressing your thoughts. And you are pretty convincing. It's amazing.