19 September 2011

Grouse, it's what's for dinner!

I got away late this afternoon for some time afield with my longbow. Our archery season opened for deer and small game on the 17th but i wasn't able to get out until today.

There is something rather primal about wandering hill and dale with a longbow in hand. The warmth of the wood, the glint of the sun in the heavy grain. Lightness of hand, quiet, simple, lethal. 

Over the years I've tried taking Grouse on the wing and I confess to having been stumped in the past. Normally the flush is fast and their gone or into cover long before I can line up the shot. Today was a bit different, I picked the movement up early. Moving fast through the underbrush as he saw me too. I was prepared though and when he took to wing I let fly and connected.

Grouse, it's what's for dinner!


  1. Kudos to you my friend! Outstanding shot!

    jstalljon from BCUSA