25 March 2011

Knives on the way!

Back in October of last year I reached out to Matt at ML Knives regarding a set of custom knives. We went through what I wanted extensively, trading multiple emails on the specifics. I commissioned the set and settled in to wait. Matt makes in my opinion some of the most incredible knives available that simply put, speak to me.

I wanted a Hudson Bay knife based on the trapper and mountain men knives of the fur trade period as well as a Horace Kephart design.  The big Hudson Bay for heavy camp chores, shelter building, wood processing and so on. The Kephart for campcraft-bushcraft type activities. I've always been a big fan of Kephart and his writing, the knife is as much a tribute to that and him as it is a user for me.

He notified me today that he had wrapped up and would be shipping them in short order! Once I get them I'll put some more pictures up and more detail on fit, form, and function.

They sure are great looking!


  1. Nice-looking blades, handles to warm an old sawmill man's heart and nice sheaths - what's not to like?

  2. Nice looking blades. Very craftsman like. Check out my gerber knives collection.

  3. These mountain man knives are perfect for outdoor activities. kershaw knives, too share the same efficiency in cutting through natural obstacles.