11 October 2010

Latest obsession, sort of.

I've become intrigued with utensil carving, how odd is that?

I've seen some of the carvings done and I am blown away at the detail and skill. Most of these are done with a small bushcraft knife and a hook knife. Well I have not gotten my hook knife yet, I'm ordering one this week, for the time being I decided to give this a shot with a basic old Hudson Bay styled butcher knife. The results are not exactly works of art, but for twenty minutes and an old butcher knife it isn't so bad.

I had a good time doing it and I'm certainly looking forward to mastering the skill needed to produce much better specimens. Started with a large chunk of Birch wood.

Splitting that down with a bit of light baton work I had the following two pieces to work with.

From there, about twenty minutes and a lot of chips flying I ended with this. Still need to do some sanding and fine work. Serviceable as they are.

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