19 November 2011

The Basket Deer

It was seven degrees this morning when I left, with a eight to ten mile an hour Northwest wind it was cold. Our rifle season is winding down and today was likely the last day for me. Late season will have me back out with a bow or a muzzle loader.

Fresh snow had fallen the day before and late into the night. While we'd connected on an old fat day two weeks ago, my daughter's first deer, I was on the hunt for more venison. We're a big family and prefer it over all other meat types.

Snapped this pic yesterday afternoon as the snow storm was getting underway.

I took the quad out to the trail head, that's four miles behind the barn. From there the plan was to cover about six miles of old logging roads on foot, wrapping back to the quad at dark. Fresh snow, deer season, and an itch to get my basket pack back on the trail.

It was pretty cold, even the pictures came out cold.

I didn't take as many pictures as I usually do. I had the camera in the pack instead of where I usually carry it. Not as easy to get to so I didn't snap as many as usual.

About 1pm I decided it was lunch time. The spot I picked was a base of a downed tree, I dug it out a bit so I had a small wind break, then started getting my fire fixings together.

Last week while I was out I'd used my foraging bag to collect some natural tinder, glad I did as there was nothing dry today.

Time to make the second leg back to the quad.

About 35 minutes before dark I cut a set of fresh tracks, real fresh. The wind was in my face so I decided to try it. As I topped the rise my quarry was sixty yards away and broadside. The old .45-70 barked and I was dragging my deer back to the quad.

It was pretty dark now and I had a long ride ahead so I didn't get a good picture, this will have to do. Had a helluva good time today, one of the most memorable last days of rifle season that I have.


  1. Thank you Mr. Smythe, pretty fond of it my ownself.

  2. I really need to get up to visit you guys sometime

  3. I like that rifle too, but isn't a 45-70 a bit much for deer?

  4. No, not really. The cartridge is the oldest still in production cartridge in the world, it's been used for hunting that entire time as well as military applications. It can be loaded on the extreme mild or hot side. I load really mild and thus far have never caused massive carnage. Messed up shoulders has more to to did where you put the bullet and less to do with the actual bullet.

  5. Nice work! What bullet are you using in that .45-70?

  6. Wonderful short story. Love the look & feel of the photographs. Our rifle deer season starts on Monday here in PA. Can't wait. Although the weather does look to be a little warm with no snow at least for the 1st week.

  7. Congratulation on your deer. I took two in October which I still have yet to blog about. You truly do have a lovely pack basket and rifle. How do you like your aperture sight?

  8. Great trip report, and congrats on the deer!

    Thanks for adding me to your blog list. I've been getting a good number of referral hits from you. :)


  9. Hey Norseman, I love that aperture sight, it's from Skinner Sights. I just use the ghost ring, I took the actual stock aperture out of it. Opened it up enough for my eyes in low light conditions. I also installed their partridge front sight as well. Less than 10 minutes to install, and less than 25 minutes to get it sighted in for 100 yards. Minute of Deer groups are nice and tight!